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Freenet6 is no longer maintained

Aside from the fact that I haven't been keeping this page up with the builds, the client program has been moved to gogoNET [sic] and renamed gogoc. Not to worry, I've been packaging it for the latest Fedora, and it's about ready to go. I will post a link to the page when it installs a bit more cleanly. If you really need it now, you can find it by browsing the repository, where you should be able to sort out what you need for your release and architecture. So far, I'm only building it for Fedora 13 and newer; building it for F12 shouldn't be any problem if there were any demand for it.

Original content:

Not long after Fedora 9 came out, I performed the upgrade, and found that I could no longer connect to Freenet6 for my IPv6 connection. I experimented with it, did some basice troubleshooting, and searched for an answer on their fora, to no avail. So, I went and fixed it up myself. It seems to be a result of updating the compiler to gcc-4.3 (from gcc-4.1, I think, in my case, from Fedora 8), which doesn't seem to include some of the files by default that had been assumed in some of the source code. So, I wrote some patches that should fix them right up. No guarantees, of course. `patch -p1` from the top extracted directory should do the job, I think.

Here they are:

For good measure, here are the patched RPM packages I've made with the patches. Be warned, they haven't been working very well for me, crashing rather often, which didn't happen when I'd packaged them before. The 6.0-BETA4 seems especially troublesome, but that's somewhat expected from a beta, after all. The 5.1 seems fairly stable, in the short time I've been running it so far.

The 6.0-RELEASE on Fedora 11 seems much happier, so far.

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